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Optional DVD support for Santa Playshop on-line class.
St nick

This DVD supports Maureen's On-line class, Santa Playshop ($20.00, free shipping within U.S.A.)
You must be registered for the class in order to purchase the DVD.
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This Santa Playshop DVD contains the following computer files.  They can be read on a computer only, not for television viewing.  I realize, the newer computers do not have a DVD player, but I could send a flash drive if you wish.  There will be an extra charge, so just email me first with your wishes. weefolk@weefolk.com

  1. About The Santa Playshop Class - Introduction Video (9:40 minutes)
  2. Armatures: A Santa Playshop - Segment 1 (37:07)
  3. Body Shapes: A Santa Playshop - Segment 2 (10:57)
  4. Clothing: A Santa Playshop - Segment 3 (56:04)
  5. Hair and Beards - A Santa Playshop - Segment 4 (51:04)
  6. How to Use Our 2 1/4-inch, 2-part Hand Mold F6 (22:41)
  7. Making Larger 3-inch Faces with Push Molds (41:03)
  8. HowItWorks.pdf
  9. Santa Playshop Outline and basic supplies.pdf
  10. Santa Playshop Clothing Patterns.pdf
  11. Santa Playshop Books.pdf