Personalize a Special Song just for You.

I have had many people request, "When are you going to write a song for me?"

I have done a few songs for certain people and it's a lot of fun seeing their excited, positive reaction when they hear them.
And now, you may request a one-of-a-kind special song for yourself or for someone else, maybe as a present for that "special occasion".

The songs: "Companions", "Barbara", "She's our sister", and "Pheasants" are examples of personalized songs that I have created for others.  Please listen to them to get a feeling for your own personal story that you would like put to music.  Talking Trees is another example of how I would transpose your story to a song.  But with this example I show you the notes that I took before I wrote the song.  Then I show you the actual lyrics.

Cost: $150.00 for a simple 2-3 minute song downloaded to your computer.
or $200.00 for a simple 2-3 minute song sent to you on a CD-R, plus the song downloaded to your computer.

Because of each individual's preferences, it is difficult to create the "perfect" song for another person.  But I think it can be done to your satisfaction if we are honest with each other as to our needs.  And I have a lot of experience in creating unique, new songs.

I will correspond with you via email or phone to precisely find out what your needs are before I start the creative process.
I will try my best to make this an enjoyable experience for you.  If we communicate well during each part of the process, I do not foresee too many problems in creating a song that you like.

The Creative Process:

Submit this form first. Then I will email you back a request for payment.
As soon as I get your payment, I will:

1.  Create and format the lyrics in a song format. (Work time: 3 hours for a simple song)
Email the lyrics to you for approval or changes.  Work together until we both are satisfied with the lyrics, because they will be the most important part of your story.  And I will treat the lyrics as confidential between you and I.

2.  Only after you have approved the lyrics, will I add my own melody. (Work time: 3 hours)
Copyright infringement of existing works will not be tolerated.  I prefer to create my own melody so I don't have to worry about any copyright problems.  You will have to do your own research and obtain copyright permission if requesting the use of a known melody.

3.   Add my voice to the melody if requested,
and add 3 different styles of background music in the mood and type that you choose. (Work time: 3 hours)

4.   I will email you all three samples of your song in mp3 format.  You may choose one for the final cut, or if you want to change something,  now is the time to discuss what you like and dislike about the samples. 

5.  If you want me to make any changes, please email me with specific suggestions.  I will email you with a work time estimate to make your changes.  If the work time takes longer than 1 hour, my charge will be an additional $50 per hour.

6.  The final song, together with the lyrics, will be emailed to you in mp3 format with an approval form for you to sign and email back.
Any more changes that you wish to make will be at $50/hr.

7.  After I receive the signed approval form, I will then create and cut a CD if you have requested one.
Then you may use my song as stated below.

2007 Dan Carlson
Commercial use or distributing for profit is prohibited without my consent.
You may download, save, copy, and distribute the song freely without profit.  Please give me credit as the producer.

Note: I will not use your special song without your permission.  I created it especially for you only and I will treat the lyrics as confidential.

If, by chance, you totally dislike the final song, I will refund only your initial payment and take possession of all the music and lyrics that I have created for you and you will not own any rights to that particular song.

Here's hoping that you enjoy the final cut!
And please  "Contact me" to give me some feedback after the creative process has been completed.