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Pictured below is every Friar Folk ever introduced by Maureen.
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The newest Friars.

ff-1345 friar5

All is calm (ff-1339) Hands to Work (ff-1340) Grace to Finish (ff-1341) Eco (ff-1342) Easter Eggs (ff-1343 Bunches O' Blessings (ff-1344) friar4
7 more Friars:
Walk with God (ff-1335) The Lord God made them all (ff-1332) Cast your cares upon the Lord (ff-1334) J is for Jesus, ornament (ff-1336) Jesus saves (ff-1333) Irish Forever (ff-1337) The Rugged Cross (ff-1338) friar2
Attitude of Gratitude (ff-1330) Let there be peace (ff-1331) Keepin Secrets (ff-1302) Feelin proud (ff-1304) Enough to share (ff-1305) A Sense of Humor (ff-1308) Read me a story (ff-1309) Ten minutes a day (ff-1310) Got any news? (ff-1311) The listener (ff-1312) Guilt free (ff-1313) Keeping in Touch (ff-1314) Play Ball (ff-1315) The keeper of Words (ff-1316) What a Catch! (ff-1318) Golden Morsels (ff-1325) Drummer Boy (ff-1326) Come let us adore him (ff-1327) Luck of the Irish (ff-1328) Easter happenings (ff-1329) friar

Christmas Friar FolkRing out the Bells (ff-1319)Lighting the Way (ff-1320)Christmas Greetings (ff-1321)Never too old for Toys (ff-1322)Hanging the Star (ff-1323)Isn't it Sweet? (ff-1324)ff_xmas


Retired Friar Folks ff-retired