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About Push Molds 

Maureen Carlson began designing push molds for use with polymer clay in the early 90's, first for her own use, then for her students.  It was Dan Carlson who pushed the idea of making molds available to the general public.  And so it happened.

After a short time of production by Wee Folk Creations, the molds  were licensed to American Art Clay Company, Inc. under the name What a Character Push Molds.  That line of hard resin molds eventually expanded to include 21 molds, and were widely distributed around the world.  As push molds became more popular, there was demand for flexible molds, at which time the 4 flexible Designer Push Molds were developed.

There are now 31 molds in the total line, though some of the early molds are no longer available.  Wee Folk Creations is the sole producer of the silicone molds, only made in U.S.A.

For those of you on media, please check out our videos on YouTube.

Some How-to videos are shown below.

Face Push Molds    Boot Mold #18    Hand Push Molds  
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Feet Push Molds
Designer Push Molds

Note: The first time you play the video, you may get intermittant video or audio if there are other programs
running at the same time, or if you have a very slow computer.
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Using Puzzle-Face Push Molds
to learn how to Sculpt.


Maureen has designed 4 rubber molds to quickly form the basic shapes that make up a face.  Use polymer clay or any other medium that can be used with a rubber mold and put the pieces together, like pieces of a puzzle, to complete the basic face structure.  Because it is easy to change the exact size and shape of each piece, you can use the molds to create characters that are uniquely your own.

This tool creates 1.5" to 2.25" faces.  Get all 4 molds and have fun interchanging all the face pieces to design your own.

Please give us suggestions for future puzzle face™ molds that you would like Maureen to design and make available. We hope you have fun with our one-of-a-kind Puzzle Face™ push molds.

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