Lyrics of Backporch

I'm sitting on my back porch
tuning my old guitars.
Listening to the radio
while my neighbor tunes up his cars.

Ya know, just sitting here at home
is my definition of "good"
reading my favorite magazine
or carving something out of wood

No need to impress anyone.
No need to carry a torch.
I don't need to prove anything
while I'm sitting on my porch.

Listening to Mother Nature
and the sound of a distant train
I can here the Humming birds humming,
their song so sweet and plain.

Before I know it
they've got me humming along,
harmonizing with nature
together in a song.

Their sounds are so pretty
and it's such a sweet refrain.
It takes my mind off all the things
that would drive me insane

I'm sitting on my back porch
anticipating, don't you know.
Tuning to a program
on my trusty old radio.

I never miss this one.
It's one of my favorite shows.
I'm sure you know which one it is.
"The Shadow Always Knows"

Just sitting here at home
is my definition of "Great".
I don't have to go anywhere
so I'll never be late.

Ya know I work six days a week
slaving for the man.
I do it because I have too.
I do it because I can.

I smile and I don't complain
because if I let it get to me,
it surely would wreck my brain
and I would become history.

But I know four thirty
will always come around.
It happens everyday
and it never lets me down.

It's time to do my things my way.
It's time to unload.
Get off this crazy highway
and get back on that old dirt road.

Just another quarter mile
my life will be in check
when once again I'm sitting
on that old porch deck.

Just sitting here at home
is my definition of "fine".
Eating some supper
and sipping a little wine.

No need to impress anyone.
No reason to carry a torch.
Life is good again
sitting on my old back porch.

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