Lyrics of Barbara

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh.
Oh shit!

Shit happens, then you die.
That's what you've always said.
But you just didn't lie in it
when you made your bed.

Barbara, you've changed so much, Barbara

We've known your many fears.
You've shed so many tears
for all those long, long years.


All your troubles of the past...
how did you make it through?
Now you're blessed with someone special
who loves you cause you're you.

Chorus ***********

You're smile is back again.
You're life is on the mend.
And hope is in the air again.
You've found that life is new.
You've found a love so true.
And now the sky is blue, so blue.

Barbara, you really have changed, Barbara

Now your life is truly blessed
with a brand new start.
So treasure each moment.
And love life with your beautiful heart.

2007 Dan Carlson
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