Lyrics of Cheating

Everyone does it
so why can't I
That crooked way of thinking
is just a lie.

Things won't get better
if we don't use our wisdom.
We'll be hurting each other
if we cheat the system.

Taking advantage
may look like good sense.
But should we feel proud
at someone else's expense?

Negotiation is one thing
but cheating is another.
Why can't we deal
without hurting each other?

Just think about
the other person's feelings
when we deceive to get
the trump card with our dealings.

In the end
it may be self defeating.
Our reputation will be shot
when we are caught cheating.

For awhile just put yourself
in the other one's shoe.
That wise old saying
is not something new.

To think before we act,
have we thought it all through?
If we care for each other,
then we'll know what to do.

2007 Dan Carlson
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