Lyrics of Companions

May I take you on a road that goes somewhere?
Come go with me if you dare.
We will share our lives with whatever arrives
and be travel companions forever.

We'll support each other as we struggle and grow.
It's harder than it seems.
For it is possible to grow apart
reaching for our hopes and our dreams.

And don't ever question if I love you
no matter how dark the way.
For we are life's travel companions,
each and every day.

We will sometimes wander off the path
and surprise ourselves with glee.
Some of our favorite things to do
may turn out to be free.

We will be a witness to the truth
as we peel away our masks.
To encourage, love, and validate
may be our most important tasks.

Chorus ********

We will have our coffee in the morn
and sit on our swing and reflect.
We will ponder the meaning of why we are here
and the wonderment when we met.

So let's go down this road with wonder and awe
and we'll treasure each precious moment.
Let us share our love with joy and respect
and think of each other as God sent.

Chorus **********

2007 Dan Carlson
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