Lyrics of Connected

We each have inner power,
there is no doubt.
To change right from wrong.
That's what we're talking about.

We can all live a simple life without any strife.
Put our heads in a hole just like a mole.
Ostriches do it. Why can't we?
And they get along just fine, it seems to me.

But if we choose to hide,
and not get involved.
The injustice we see
may never be solved.


If we're always looking down,
hope might not be found.
For our eyes may never meet
the things we should defeat.

We can't fix any wrong
with our heads in the sand.
Just let our hearts tell us
when to lend a helping hand.

Listen to our inner voice
or we may regret it.
Our spirit is important.
Let's not forget it.


Sometimes we question
what one person can do.
But things can really change
with just one or two.

We may feel guilty
if we don't react.
We affect each other
and that's a known fact.

And once we realize
that we're all connected,
it's harder to ignore
the wrongs that aren't corrected.

We all have inner power,
so erase your doubt.
Our spirits connect us.
Isn't that what it's all about?

2007 Dan Carlson
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