You make me smile or make me frown.
You make me happy or cut me down.
Giving up power to control my life
by nodding my head without any strife.


You make me grow or make me shrink.
You make me think or make me drink.
Something is stirring. My insides swell.
What's Bubbling up? It's hard to tell.


You make me smart or make me dumb.
You make me sensitive or make me numb.
As feelings get stronger, my head's close to burst.
Is this a blessing or am I cursed?


You can't make me do anything.
Those words my mind receives.
Now give me courage together with strength
trusting what my heart believes.

Now I can..........

I can smile or frown if I want.
I can drink or shrink if I want.
I can be dumb or numb if I want.
or I can feel nothing at all.

The power is mine as I define.
Never controlled again because I yen
to be myself and to not give in
to my thin, thin skin.

  2017 Dan Carlson
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