Lyrics of Easy

Vines will grow to reach the sky
and the beauty of flowers will show.
We give them love and attention
and plenty of room to grow.

People are like those vines up high.
With love we can flourish too.
It really doesn't take a big effort
because it's the little things we do.

We train, trim, and cultivate.
The gifts in our heart remain true.
Then we tell them that we really care
after feeling what they've been through.

Nature has a wonderful way of giving.
It gives us more than we need.
When we ask for guidance for our life,
our inner spirit takes the lead.

In all of nature they fight to survive.
Their struggles make them stronger.
They develop habits to help with pain
until they need them no longer.

Just like plants, we need this earth
and we try to guess their needs.
We do our best with what we learn
and we plant love with their seeds.

So give a word of encouragement
and speak to them tenderly.
Water them with kindness.
We make growing a beautiful garden


2008 Dan Carlson
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