Lyrics of Excuses

Watching through my window,
as the afternoon shadows grow long.
I feel a bit worried and I wonder
if something has terribly gone wrong.

You promised me you'd be here by three.
I was really delighted this was to be.
But now I feel jaded as another promise has faded
to a murky and cloudy memory.

Promises, lots of promises, is all you give to me.
They make my soul feel good, aaahhh, they make me smile.
But I know, with you, it only lasts for awhile.

Now the phone is ringing off the wall.
I know it's you trying to call.
You will have excuses you say,
of why you didn't stop by today.

They may sound a little over the top
and I know you don't want to deceive.
So, of course I will accept them all.
What is there to not believe?

You and your friends were driving around town.
When you saw a spaceship come down.
It landed right in front of you.
The road was blocked as you sat and talked,
and there was nothing,
nothing you could do.

Then the sky opened up that night,
to a very, very bright light.
And then presented the evening news.
Followed by the sights and sounds
of a chorus of clowns as they danced around
while they all sang the blues.

And in the back ground
and through the noise
was the elegance and the poise
of Unicorns jumping through big hoops
with their tails up in the sky.

I respect you for what you say,
You certainly had an interesting day.
I know you must do what you must do.
But do you have to do it this way?

Promises are spoken, and promises can be broken,..........
but all of these excuses
should not exist.

Excuses, lots of excuses, is all you give to me.
And why not? They're plentiful and free.
But unlike a promise, they seem more like a lie.
So please excuse me while I promise you......a good, goodbye.

2010 Bruce Coghill for Lyrics, Dan Carlson for song. All rights reserved.
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