Lyrics of Fantasies

Do you ever wish that you could fly,
over the rainbow and through the sky?
The colors are bright and the pot is gold.
And there's a leprecon, I've been told.

He sits at the end so quietly
and thinks to himself so silently.
Is there anyone out there who can see
the end of the rainbow and me?

There is a place for fantasies
as we imagine what could be.
For in our dreams we make believe
or is it reality?

Have you ever wanted to be so small
and wish you were a fly on the wall?
You could hear what gossipers privately say
and use it against them someday. Ha, Ha.

But when you hurt someone, you find
it's very hard for peace of mind?
You'd easily give up that shiny new dime
if you could only go back in time.


If you could read what's on my mind,
between the lines you would easily find,
that I have hopes and dreams like you.
I wish they would all come true, don't you?

(no voice)


So rub that bottle and close your eyes.
Then think of 3 wishes that you'd surmise.
You could actually make your dreams come true.
It's really up to you.

2007 Dan Carlson
Feel free to copy and distribute the song and lyrics above.
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