Lyrics of Games

Games, games, games, and more games.
I can't play enough of them.
They all put a smile on my face
especially when I'm dealt the ace.

There are many games that people can play
that don't require a poker face.
Checkers or chess can be just as fun
and you can win the game without the ace.

Lots of games require a lot of skill
and board games especially keep you honest.
Hurry up and move, you're taking too long.
Your opponent may put you in your place.

But if you make a very bad move
you might feel disgraced.
At least you can say it was an honest mistake
and that you can embrace.

Everyone that plays will make mistakes.
So you don't have to feel alone.
You'll get your chance to laugh at them
Then you can throw them the bone.

You all can have fun playing with each other.
Usually everything is done in fun.
But if ever your feathers are ruffled, just remember
that it's just a game, so don't get undone.

I think the best games are played without a bet.
Just concentrate on having fun.
Cause when you start betting the ranch, you start biting your lip.
You can get over confident with what you just won.

The winning and losing can become so important
that it can start to cloud your mind.
You'll be fooling yourself that you can be a winner
if you just take a chance one more time.

Sometimes I like the games that people play.
It's kind of fun to watch.
They make it seem so easy.
Like they've been playing forever.

The smiles they put upon their face
is a clue that they're enjoying themselves.
They wouldn't have it any other way
cause games are fun to play.

2007 Dan Carlson
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