Lyrics of In a Garden

Whenever you are with me
I forget about reality.
I'm in a garden.

All the noise all around
suddenly quiets down.
I'm in a garden.

It doesn't matter where we are,
simply walking, or in a car.
I'm in a garden.

In a place that is so serene
where flowers bloom and all is green.
I hear soothing music in my head
as the tar and cement become a flower bed.
I'm in a garden.

This very special place
puts a smile on my face.
I'm in a garden.

Here I feel no pain
and it never seems to rain.
In this peaceful garden
where my reality becomes a dream.

As time goes by it would seem
that with each passing day
this is where I want to stay;
in a garden.

And on my shoulders blow a gentle breeze
as I slowly drop to my knees
with rays of light shining through the trees.
I look up and whisper please, oh please
let me stay forever in your garden.
In your garden. In your garden.

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