Lyrics of Hope

When times grow dark
I hide inside myself.
The leaves drop silently
and I'm scared.

The clouds stream rain
like my flowing tears.
Droplets hit the ground
then rush toward the sky.

Am I on the rebound too
from something I'm not aware?
Do the dark skies signify the end?

I am scared.
I am scared.

The color turns brown
as I await my fate.
The nights turn very cold
and I'm afraid.

The morning is still
and the leaves are crisp.
There's expectations
in the air.

The white begins to fall,
through the whispering wind.
Is this the beginning or the end?

I'm afraid,
So afraid.

The heavens open up
with a slice of light.
and the miracle on the ground

My weary eyes squint
in a contorted way.
The shining brightness
makes me cry.

Does this warmth on my face
mean anything to me?
This doesn't seem to me
to be the end.

I'm not scared,
and I'm not afraid anymore.

As I look inward
where I've been hiding.
My despair's receding,
including my fears.

It's funny how things work
in mysterious ways.
It's just a bit of sunshine
after all.

My mood may change with nature.
But the warmth always returns.
And the power on my skin
makes me anew with hope.

I have hope again..

2007 Dan Carlson
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