Lyrics of Listen

When I asked you to listen to me,
I didn't ask for your advise.
Advise is ok when the timing is right.
Now is not the time.

If you asked me to listen to you,
I would hope that I'd be still.
And not give you any of my opinions
until you asked me to.

If I ask you to listen to me,
I would hope that you'd be my friend.
Don't you tell me why I shouldn't feel that way.
Just try to be there for me and help me mend.

chorus *******************
Sometimes I need a friend to understand me.
and I need someone to give me some feedback.
To you my feelings may be irrational,
but there are reasons why they are there
So help me find them, if you care.

When I asked you for your views,
you didn't have to raise your voice.
The tone of your voice turned me off.
As if you had no choice.

If you asked me for my views
I wouldn't want you on the defense.
I hope that I would be sensitive
so you wouldn't take offense.

If I asked you for your views,
I'd hope you would consider me.
Don't tell me why I shouldn't feel that way.
Just try to be there for me, to help me see.

Repeat chorus **********************

All I ask is that you listen to me.
Just hear me without judgement.
Advice and talk are cheap,
except when I ask you for your two cents.

My feelings may be irrational to you,
and you may think I haven't a prayer.
But please listen and help me make sense
to the reasons they are there.

When that answer is obvious to me,
I will then begin to mend.
Irrational feelings make good sense
when we understand what's behind them.

2007 Dan Carlson
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