Lyrics of Man Cave

All around the world most men will agree
that there's a special place they'd rather be
And that my friend, is called a MAN CAVE.
Oh yeh, Ya gotta have a man cave.

You can call all your friends to come over later.
Hey, there's beer in the refrigerator.
You can get away without going too far.
Heck you don't even have to fire up your car.
A man cave is a very good thing.

Order in a pizza and watch the game.
And just sit and drink and then start talking lame.
And no red and blue lights flashing behind you.
So you can relax and do what you want to do.

A man cave is a special place.
where you can move about at your own pace.
You can visit any old time of day.
It's not going anywhere. It's here to stay.
To set up a spot doesn't take a lot.

It's where you can go to collect your thoughts.
And there's always plenty of room to play.
It's like owning your own private lodge
to work on your projects or that trashy old Dodge.

It's always there waiting for you.
And it's there without judgement too.
No need to worry about a guilt trip
You may just want to rejuvenate and get a grip.
And you might feel energized again.

I hope my beliefs haven't been tossed
and I hope my efforts haven't been lost.
Now I think you know what a mancave will bring.
Step up to the plate and do your own thing.

Now I just have one more thing to say.
I just moved into my own man cave today.
If you wish a place to revitalize your life
and to get far away from all the strife,
Then by all means..........[Lots of grunting on this ending with ape noises ond jungle noises]
Get yourself a Man Cave oh-yeah, ya gotta have a man cave
A-ha, ya gotta have a man cave.

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