Lyrics of Masks

Have you ever told a story
and expressed a feeling of glee,
but the smile you wore upon your face
was only for others to see?

While most of us wear many masks.
It is rare to wear nothing at all.
We can choose to hide behind them
or peel them away, it's our call.

Masks, masks, we all wear our masks.
They're not just for scaring the wits out of you.
Don't sound the alarm, 'cause they protect us from harm.
The face that we show is our mask.

To pretend to be someone else,
that is what you choose,
If that someone sees through your façade?
Will you feel exposed and abused?

Do you cover yourself? Will you run away
or admit to your deceit?
Or have you already thought of a better mask
to wear for the next one you meet?

Chorus **********

When you meet someone you admire,
do you wonder who is inside?
Is the person really showing themselves,
or behind a mask they hide?

Do you search for a hint upon their face
That will somehow give you a clue?
Have they worked really hard to be honest,
and is the mask they wear not new?

Chorus *************

Sometimes it is hard to choose
what kind of mask to wear?
If the one we select does not fit,
it may be more than we can bare.

We are known by the masks that we wear
That's the chance that we all take.
We can peel them away or hide behind them
It is our own choice to make.

Chorus **************

© 2007 Dan Carlson
Feel free to copy and distribute the song and lyrics above.
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