Lyrics of Ode to my daughters

I have a vision when you two were young.
Your smiles would fill my eyes.
When I'd come home you'd give me hugs
and we'd show our love with high fives.

You'd sit on my lap and ask "Daddy?
Do you know what we did today?"
Then I'd smile and say, "No, what did you do?"
And then you proceeded to say.

We played house today and had a cup of tea.
Do you want a cookie Daddy?
And they both smiled back at me.

So we'd go in their room where the table was set
with tea cups and imagination.
We properly drank with our pinkie in the air.
Then we laughed and you know we had fun, lots of fun!

May we pour you more tea, my daughters would say.
And I'd gladly accept their grace.
For it was all worth the tea in China
to see the big smiles on their face.

I remember the treehouse you used to play in.
And the tennis court where you rode your bikes.
David came over to play with you.
And we'd pack our lunch and go on hikes, on hikes.

Those memories are still with me now.
Even though my daughters have grown.
We still have tea together sometimes
and our feelings we have shown, we have shown.

Expressing my feelings doesn't always come easy.
And you know it's hard for me to say.
But with music I can tell my story better.
And I can do it in my own way.

I will always treasure the time we have.
And I have but one thing to say.
You both will always be precious to me, to me.
And I love you, each and every day.

What more can I say to Jenelle and Renee?

2007 Dan Carlson
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