Lyrics of One more time

Do you think it'll be alright
if I asked you one more time?
Would you touch me with your tender love
and lay your body next to mine?

Would you look at me and smile
with passion in your eyes?
Would you make me feel I'm the only one
without thinking of other guys?

Just one more time, that's all I ask.
Just one more time before I go.
Pleasure me like you used to do.
It shouldn't be hard, I now know.

I found out that you play the field
and you're good at what you do.
What went wrong, I will never know.
And I really loved you too.

You wrapped me around your finger.
I would do anything for you.
Now you wrap yourself around other men,
and you do it with quite a few.

Chorus *********

I felt the fate when we met.
But your feelings weren't the same.
Now you often go out with someone else.
Am I the only one to blame?

When I look at what we had,
I should have noticed all the clues.
Would you use me again like you always have?
What have you got to lose?

Chorus **********

So can we share a couple of beers
and forget about the time.
Then will you take my emotion
and spin it like a dime, one more time.

2007 Dan Carlson
Feel free to copy and distribute the song and lyrics above.
But mass marketing or selling for profit is strictly prohibited without expressed written