Lyrics of Pain

The pain raining down is too much to bear.
It's spattering on my brain.
My eyesight is blurry. I can hardly see the dots.
I fear I may be going insane.

The smell of dampness clouds my senses.
My feelings are intensely numbed.
My words are random. My thoughts impaired.
My expressions are water downed dumbed.

My body is puffy like I've just been bit.
Don't itch it. Don't itch it. Don't itch it.
My head is spinning. My tongue is heavy.
It's a bitch..It's a bitch. It's a bitch.

Now I'm stumbling as I stand vertically.
My ears are totally confused.
As I sway back and forth, this way and that
The solid ground is amused.

I'm running now in an unknown darkness.
My rubberey legs are corrupt
As I suddenly fall with no bottom in sight
Just like that, I wake up.

And as my stomach starts to settle I think to myself.
Oh, oh, what a relief it is.

2017 Dan Carlson
Feel free to copy and distribute the song and lyrics above.
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