Lyrics of Positives

If we want to spread positives
and throw the negatives out,
Let's think before we act.
That's what it's all about?
For if we can relate
to any of the negatives said,
let's take a look at ourself
before we're misled.

So let's be aware
and not spread the negative.
We each have the choice
to how we will live.

It's better to give
than to receive.
Why is that hard to believe?
Are we just naive?
Some take what they can.
and think that's the key.
They don't give to others,
for they just can't see.


It's a tough world out there.
But there is a ray of hope.
Try looking at the picture
through a wider scope.
When we stop spreading the negatives
we may be aware
that there's a positive force
working out there.

Take care of ourself
before we take care of others.
Do we really think
that's the way to treat our brothers?
Personal independence
is what it could bring.
But is feeding our ego
always a good thing?

Repeat Chorus

If someone gives us their time,
do we return the favor?
Or is our time more valuable
so we try not to waiver?
Do we think we need to take
and not give back,
or otherwise how can we
stay in the black?

When we see such a negative
let's say a little prayer,
cause there's a bigger force
working out there.

Do we do it to them
before they do it to us?
Or do we try to be fair.
Now that would be a plus.
And can we really be this selfish
without a guilt trip?
Can we just aware and fight all those negatives?
And get a grip!

The negatives are powerless
when they don't get fed.
So lets starve them to death
before we're misled.
With the help of the force
we can all do our part.
Let's squash those negatives
before they start.

We all have free will.
Can we do the right thing?
Just imagine all the positives
that we all could bring.

2007 Dan Carlson
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