Lyrics of She's our Sister

Chorus without words

She's there for us when times are rough.
She knows the times when love is tough.
She is outspoken when she has to be.
She means everything to me, and me, and me, and me.

We love her so.
We get homesick when we think of her.
She's very kind and full of life.
She's a sweetheart and a friend.

She reminds us of Mom when she runs about.
The love of gab there is no doubt.
She is hospitable it's plain to see.
A bed is provided for me ...with no fee.

I remember the eggs she serves in the morning (with lots of butter)
Her love for cooking is never boring (like meat and potatoes)
Her cinnamon pull aparts are really great.
The smell fills the house as they start to bake (she's no fake)

Chorus-no voice

She loves get togethers at her place (then she doesn't have to travel)
Each guest is greeted with her smiling face (and bear hugs all around)
We love to visit her out at the farm.
She makes us feel safe and out of harm.


We want to pay tribute if we may.
All four of us would like to say.
May she be blessed in everything.
We hope she finds joy in what we sing.

If she'd ever leave us we surely would miss her.
She is one of a kind....because
She's our sister (our wonderful sister)

2007 Dan Carlson
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