Lyrics of Temptation

and more cheese.

Everyone knows this is pizza
and my mouth waters at the thought of it.
Can you eat a family size by yourself
or does your belt buckle make you quit?

If that isn't a sign of excess
you'll see me eat my hat.
But then I shouldn't talk cause I always say.
Life is too short to worry about that.

We've all heard this before.
To do everything in moderation.
And we are what we eat,
but why is there so much temptation?

Bet you can't eat one. Someone gives us a dare.
Then we scarf down three and say, "I am aware...that I don't care",
There's satisfaction and pleasure when I don't think about all that fat.
Life is too short to worry about that.

But when it comes down to it,
we really do care.
There are so many more things
that I want to do out there.

And I would like to see my kids grow up
before my EKG goes flat.
So really. I'd like a longer life ...
so I don't have to worry about that?

2007 Dan Carlson
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