Lyrics of Tone

It's not what you say.
It's how you say it.
It's not the language you use.
It's how you convey it.

The state of your mind
may be unknown.
But the state of your heart
is revealed by your tone.

Your words may be calm
but out of control.
The tone of your voice
may pierce my soul.

If you color your words with malice
and disregard how I feel,
my emotional wounds
may be hard to heal.
Cause in the future
and in my view,
a connection with you
I won't want to pursue.

So if you want me to listen well
to what you have to say.
Then be careful of the tone
that you convey.
For if I am hurt
by the way you say it,
communication will be broken
and so will my spirit.

Do you really want that to happen?

2007 Dan Carlson
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