Lyrics of Talking Trees

Exposing children to imagination
may help them to be happier and wise.
For the trees may tell them the secrets of life.
Now wouldn't that be a surprise?

There's a family who lives on a farm,
and their life is very plain.
But the chickens and donkeys follow them
when they walk down their lane.

For this is a special place
where children can all come to see
all the animals and the Coddle Poppers
and maybe a talking tree.


Bringing all kinds of things to life
is every kids forte.
And exposing them to imagination
is the Coddle Poppers way.

The little faeries live in the woods.
The trees told them one day.
They want the children to visit
and be creative, for they love to play.

It is very hard to see them.
That is what the trees sometimes say.
So they told the humans what they look like.
Now their likeness is made from clay.


So please come visit this special place
where kids and Coddle Poppers relate.
And open your mind up and maybe take a walk
For the animals can hardly wait.

2007 Dan Carlson
Feel free to copy and distribute the song and lyrics above.
But mass marketing or selling for profit is strictly prohibited without expressed written