Lyrics of Why me Lord?

There are only two things we can be assured.
That's death and taxes. We all know them well.
But there is one more that sneaks up on you.
And why does it happen? We haven't a clue.

Why me Lord? Why me?

You get out of life what you put in.
But the curve balls are too painful.
We feel we just can't win.
We try to duck to get out of the way.
Could we control them if we had our say?
It doesn't pay.....

Chorus ***********

Melancholy. What is your sting?
The dark clouds descend. We forget how to sing.
Our spirits are flat and we moan and we groan and groan.
There's no song in our heart when we feel all alone, all alone..

Chorus *************

Is there an answer to all of our woes?
Is it there between our head and our toes?
We have in common this wonderful thing (don't be afraid)
So open it up and let your heart sing.

2007 Dan Carlson
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