Leticia Elizabeth
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As told by Maureen


Leticia Elizabeth is a lover of all things that move by their own energy, whether it be a frog that clings to the roof of her house in the wild plum tree or a bug that she discovers at the foot of her little feather‑filled bed.  Over the years she has gathered knowledge of which herbs and plants might help in healing their wounds, so the animals have a special fondness for her as well.

 Her home, which used to belong to the Bluebirds, was put up by the farmer who lived on this homestead long before I moved here.  Leticia cleaned out all of the old nests and gave the sides a new coat of brown paint.   Then, so that she would have easy access, she macramed a vine ladder which she hid in the rough bark on the north side of the tree.  The tiny door, which admits nothing larger than a Bluebird, is usually open, but, if needed, can be locked from the inside.  It's true that she loves all creatures, but she also respects their need to find food.

 Sometimes she serenely watches the larger animals creep through the night as she sits in her doorway drinking tea, and listening to and learning all the many forms of speech that the animals use.  She has learned a great many of their words and thus knows more about life in this area than any of the other Pips.  Some of this knowledge she shares in colorful stories told to the other Pips during the long, indoor winters.  (Because she respects the privacy of the animals she does not pass on those stories that might embarrass or endanger them.) Kathryn Ophelia has promised to someday record Leticia's stories in a book.

 Leticia Elizabeth is not fond of sewing or washing clothes, so she is usually robed in petals and leaves.  These she treats with a special soaking compound which keeps them soft and pliable.  One spring she invited me to the wild plum tree to see her wardrobe.  She was airing out her garments after the long winter by hanging them with tiny clothespins from all of the nearby branches.  Since the wild plum was also in blossom it was truly a magical sight.

Leticia Elizabeth's gentle spirit drifts over all creatures with whom she chats, including me, and, most likely, you.

  1993, 2006 by Maureen Carlson
All designs and stories by Maureen  may not be reproduced in any way without expressed written permission.