Lilah Pearl
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As told by Maureen

Being generous is a good thing, but true friendships are usually built around give and take.  Someone who only gives can keep friends away.  That's what almost happened with Lilah Pearl.  I first became aware of her existence one day when I was absent mindedly looking out my window.  There I saw  Jay Oatis Will disappearing into the tangle of old cedar limbs behind my studio.

 I never know what mischief Jay Oatis might be up to, so I stayed at my window to watch.  Nothing moved for about 10 minutes except for a couple of Chipping Sparrows searching for breakfast.  Then up popped a fuzzy blue ball with a long tail attached, from under which peeped Jay Oatis's bright little eyes. The blue color of the hat looked faintly familiar, and as I stared at it I recognized the yarn trimmings that I had put in the garbage last week.

 As I watched, Jay Oatis gleefully jumped from the top of the pile, the long tail of his new hat sailing out behind him, and skipped away.  Since I know that Jay Oatis trades his collections for clothing, I immediately suspected that a Pippsywoggin lived in the brush pile.  But, Pips always camouflage their homes, so I saw no evidence.

 I'm always anxious to meet new Pips, so I wrote a little note introducing myself, and left it, along with some yarn scraps, out by the brush pile.  I did this for several weeks.  The yarn was always gone by morning, but I saw no other signs that a new Pip lived nearby.  Then one day I decided to try a different tactic.  I wrote a note saying, "Needed: Occasional small hats, scarves, and sweaters for dolls."

 The next morning there was a small, fuzzy knit cap hanging from my doorknob with a note that said, "My name is Lilah Pearl.  I've been enjoying your yarn.  Do you like this hat?" I smiled and got out my pencil and paper to write a reply. And so began my friendship with Lilah Pearl.

1995, 2006 by Maureen Carlson
All designs and stories by Maureen  may not be reproduced in any way without expressed written permission.