Elliott McFee
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As told by Maureen

Elliott McFee is one of those gifted creatures who make our days easier through the language of music.  This is how I met him.

 At an auction sale a few years back I purchased a weathered old wren house and brought it home to attach to my back porch.  It was charming!  I thought it was even more delightful when just a few days later I heard wrens chattering away in the backyard.  The house was a success.

 The chatter of the wrens continued to cheer me as spring turned into summer, and though I never saw the wrens, their presence gave a lift to my heart.  In the evening when I stopped my work for the day, and paused to sit on the bench by the pond, I was lulled into a feeling of peacefulness by the sounds of Cardinals whistling, Thrushes warbling and Catbirds mimicing.  I had never before heard so many types of birds in one place.

 Then one day when I was out hanging clothes I happened to look at the wren house and I saw a little Pippsywoggin go inside.  Knowing that Wrens are argumenative little folk, I doubted that they were sharing the space with a Pip.  So for the next few days, whenever I went near the porch, I studied the birdhouse.

 Sure enough, there was a Pip inside.  And what a blessing Elliott turned out to be.  He could whistle like a bird, sing like an angel and touch that part of me that never quite slowed down enough to breathe.

 Some evenings he brings his flute out on the porch of his house.  Then I take out my long neglected old flute and we play a duet.  For those moments the whole world stands still and all seems in harmony.  Elliott is a blessing that I wish for all of you.

1995, 2006 by Maureen Carlson
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