Effie Lu









As told by Maureen

Effie Lu lives in the potting shed out behind the garage. She likes clutter, and it is certainly cluttered in there! Shards of broken pots litter the floor and unswept vermiculite and spagnum moss obscure the corners.  But Effie Lu finds it wonderfully peaceful as she surveys it from the old Baltimore Oriole nest that hangs from the rafters.   It isn't lonesome in there as a family of Daddy Long Leg spiders lives in one corner, and a chipmunk stores his winter hoard in a hole behind the pile of pots.  A tree frog makes her daytime hide‑a‑way under the eaves and the crickets chirp their weather songs from behind the wheelbarrow.

 Due to the broken pots on the floor, Effie Lu usually wears a pair of sandals to protect her feet.  She has taken such a liking to the feel of the sandals that she has begun to make sandals for the other Pips to wear.  Most of them aren't too thrilled with the idea as they like the way the spring mud squeezes up between their toes, the cool of dew laden grass on their summer‑hot feet and the convenience with which  heir toes can discover underground mushrooms in the fall. But when the first snows of winter come there are usually a few Pips that are quite ready to try on Effie Lu's latest creation.

 Effie Lu's main business is to make wreathes from vines, berries, leaves and other scraps which are left in the potting shed.  Then, whenever she goes on a walk, she collects special little bits of bark, moss or  feathers for the finishing touches.  She never has quite enough wonderful finds with which to decorate her wreathes, as her work is in high demand among all of the Pip colonies.  This keeps herfrom going out for walks as often as she would like.  I'm sure she would appreciate any tiny trimmings that you might find.  Just leave your sharings in a little pot near your back door, and hopefully some of her animal friends will see that she gets them.

1995, 2006 by Maureen Carlson
All designs and stories by Maureen  may not be reproduced in any way without expressed written permission.