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 petstone $40.00 Special Stone made in memoriam for your favorite pet.   If you can, scan in and send me the colored picture via email. I will email you with further instructions after I receive your order. 



picture | dog

Finished Pet Stone for P-Nut

pet stone | finished


People have been asking me for a stone for their favorite deceased pet.  So I came up with one.  I used my dog, P-Nut, as an example.  Of course I didn't put the date of her death in, but you get the idea where the date will go.

In the picture of the stone it's hard to read the messages along the border because they are so small.  But one reads, "Thank you for being my friend."  And the other one reads, "Thank you for our time together."

You may choose the background color,  I used Terra Cotta for this one.  If you have your pet's ashes, another option is to mix the ashes in with the cement for the top layer of the stone.  If you email or send me a colored picture of your pet, I will try my best to duplicate the likeness in stone.

Thank you,
Dan Carlson