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sf-1554 sf-1557 sf-1556 sf-1555 Sister(sf-1558) sf-1559

It's Easter (sf-1551) VALentine Sucker (sf-1552) Bright Easter Blessings (sf-1542) God's small kindness (sf-1543) Savor your Irish Heritage (sf-1553) Beach Sister (sf-1550) Plenty to be thankful for. (sf-1549) Be Silly (sf-1548) Friendship, Loyalty, Love (sf-1547) You are God's valentine  (sf-1546) Life is sweeter (sf-1544) Life is sweeter (sf-1544)

and more Sister Folk  plus 1 Sister Folk ornament SF-1540


Love Blooms xmas ornament (sf-1540) Lord, take away my bad habits (sf-1539) Bless your sole (sf-1538) Hug one another (sf-1537) Fall-eluia (sf-1536) One day at a time (sf-1535) You deserve a halo (sf-1534) Friend (sf-1533) I said a prayer (sf-1532) Irish dance (sf-1531) Love one another (sf-1530) Love Blooms (sf-1541)

More Sister Folk

Bless us O Lord (sf-1528) Balanced Diet (sf-1529) Courage (sf-1526) Hospitality (sf-1527) Give a little Jesus (sf-1524) Daily Hugs (sf-1525) One of a Kind (sf-1522) Sunflower Sister (sf-1523)

Includes the first Sister Folk ever introduced by Maureen.

Let there be peace (sf-1520) Sweet Temptations (sf-1521) Can you hear me know? (sf-1519) Flying Friends (sf-1516) Peace be with you (sf-1517) Sister of Color (sf-1514) Daily Bread (sf-1515) Wake up Call (sf-1512) In the Beginning (sf-1512) God's Gardener (sf-1509) Daily Reminders (sf-1510) Life is Good (sf-1507) A Gentle Reminder (sf-1508) Silent Giggles (sf-1505) A Hymn of Praise (sf-1506) At Day's End (sf-1503) Keeping Fit (sf-1504) Hallelujah (sf-1501) Bless this Day (sf-1502)