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Retired Friar Folk  
ff-1306 (out of stock) Keeping in Touch, color: Sable Brown     ff-1306
ff-1308 (out of stock) A Sense of Humor', color: Teal
ff-1330 (out of production) 'Attitude of Gratitude'


ff-1345 God loves a cheerful giver. (out of production)



ff-1337  Friar Folk, 'Irish Forever'  (out of production)




ff-1328 God bless the Irish  (out of production)




ff-1331 (out of production)Friar Folk, 'Let there be peace'


ff-1327 Come let us adore him(out of production)


Below are the discontinued, unavailable Friars


ff-1338  Friar Folk 'The Rugged Cross' ff-1338 ff-1305 Friar Folk, 'Enough to Share', color: Reddish Brown


ff-1336  Friar Folk .(out of production) 'J is for Jesus ornament, dated 2007 'ff-1336  ff-1337  Friar Folk, 'Irish Forever' ff-1337 (out of production)  
ff-1334 Friar Folk, 'Cast your cares upon the Lord'ff-1334   (out of production) ff-1329 Easter
ff-1332  Friar Folk, 'The Lord God made them all'ff-1332   (out of production) ff-1333  Friar Folk, 'Jesus saves' ff-1333 (out of production)
ff-1330 (out of production)Friar Folk, 'Attitude of Gratitude',ff-1330 color: gold ff-1331 (out of production)Friar Folk, 'Let there be peace', ff-1331color: brown 
ff-1328 Irishff-1328  (out of production) ff-1335  Friar Folk, 'Walk with God' ff-1335  (out of production)
ff-1326 (out of production) Drummer Boy,ff-1326 ff-1327 (out of production)Come let us adore him.ff-1327
ff-1324 (F)Holiday ff...Isn't it sweet?   ff-1324 (out of production) ff-1325 Golden Morsels,ff-1325   (out of production)
ff-1322 (out of production)(D)Holiday ff...Never too old for toys ff-1322 ff-1323 (E)Holiday ff...Hanging the Star ff1323  (out of production)
ff-1320 (out of production)(B)Holiday ff...Lighting the Way ff-1320 ff-1311  Friar Folk, 'Got any News?', color: Burgandy ff-1311$20.00 (out of production)
ff-1318 Friar Folk, 'What a Catch', color: cranberry ff-1318(out of production) ff-1319 (A)Holiday ff...Ring out the Bells ff-1319
(out of production)
ff-1317 (out of production)Friar Folk, 'Just for You', color: green ff-1317 ff-1304 Friar Folk, 'Feelin Proud', color: Rust ff-1304  $20.00(out of production)
ff-1315 Friar Folk, 'Play Ball', color: Dark teal ff-1315  (out of production) ff-1316 Friar Folk, 'The Keeper of Words', color: plum ff-1316 (out of production)
ff-1313 Friar Folk, 'Guilt Free', color: Blue ff-1313  (out of production) ff-1314 Friar Folk, 'Hear our Prayer', color: camel ff-1314 (out of production)
ff-1321  (C)Holiday ff...Christmas Greetings  (out of production)


ff-1312 Friar Folk, 'The Listener', color: Gold ff-1312 (out of production)
ff-1309 Friar Folk, 'Read Me a Story', color: Hunter green ff-1309 (out of production) ff-1310 (out of production)Friar Folk, 'Ten Minutes a Day', color: Cornflower Blue  ff-1310
ff-1307 (out of production) Friar Folk, 'Simple Pleasures', color: Hunter green ff-1307 ff-1308 Friar Folk, 'A Sense of Humor', color: Teal ff-1308(out of production)
ff-1339(out of production)Friar Folk 'All is calm' 


ff-1306  (out of production) Friar Folk, 'Keeping in Touch', color: Sable Brown ff-1306
ff-1303  (out of production)Friar Folk, 'Need a Break?', color: Blue ff-1303 ff-1340  (out of production)Friar Folk 'Hands to Work'  


ff-1301 (out of production)Friar Folk, 'A Song of Joy', color: Dark Brown ff-1301 ff-1302   Friar Folk, 'Keepin Secrets', color: Purple ff-1302 (out of production)
ff-1341 Grace to Finish (out of production) 


ff-1342 Eco (out of production) ff-1342
ff-1344 (out of production) 

ff-1344 pic

ff-1343(out of production) ff-1343
ff-1313  'Guilt Free', (out of production) 


ff-1317 (out of production) 'Just for You',