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A Maureen Carlson Class
for the
Baltimore Bead Society

Narrative Beads: Beads That Tell A Story

February 21 and 22, 2015


Who would have thought that we'd get snowed in
with nearly a foot of snow, but we did!

Advance notice and the good hearts and hard
work of Barbara Svoboda and Celeste Thurston
saved the day. We had a sleepover.

It was like camp. What fun!

Naomi "modeling" Maureen's Story Necklace: A Walk Through the Enchanted Forest

Above photo was taken by Barbara Svoboda.

Big, Bold. Beautiful Bead

The Beads were baked, then alcohol inks and
acrylic paints were added for color.

A protective layer of translucent liquid polymer clay
was brushed on, then cured in the oven.
These beads exhibit a variety of textures, shapes, forms and symbolic meanings. It was addictive.

Oh, and Debra, what about those foil-wrapped
goodies in the corner?????

Photo at left and the two with me, Maureen, in them, were taken by Barbara Svoboda.

And the two-day class was over, too soon. Such fun. So many more ideas, and colors to play with, and combinations to make ....

Finished Necklaces

Even though we worked into the wee hours of Saturday night, fueled by tea and munchies and lots of laughter,
we didn't get the necklaces all the way done.

But a few days later Barbara Svoboda sent these

two views of her finished necklace.
The theme for Barbara's necklace is working in
her garden, which is lovely, lovely,
even under a foot of snow!
Below is the photo that Debra Nees sent of her finished necklace, Titled:  Debby Grows Older  
Celeste Thurston's story necklace is a tribute to the
happiness of Easter and the figures on Easter Island.

Pictured below are a few of stories that were told
by me, Maureen Carlson.
This represents my sister, brother and myself when we went to a January 2006 family reunion in Michigan. It was winter, and a blizzard caught us. Everything was blue, brown and white.
Pictured to the right is a Story Necklace which
represents time spent on a cruise.
I'm still working on the one that I started in class.

Trish, Naomi, Debra, Celeste, Cappie and Barbara,
send more photos if you get a chance.