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Cabin Fever Creative Arts Festival 2015

To Have And To Hold: Small Jointed Figures

February 14 and 15, 2015

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 A 2-Day Class In Laurel, MD

A big applause for each of the students in this class who worked so hard and with great humor. In this 2-day class, the 12 students each finished to the point where they could go back to their studios and complete the assembly, clothing and hair.

Note that all students had previous sculpting experience with polymer clay, though some had never scupted faces. I am so proud of them all!!!!

Student Photos

The photos on this page were taken by the students and shared either by email or on Facebook.

The photos are arranged in alphabetical order by student's first name.

Copied here by permission.

The First Day

The photo at right, taken by Mags Bonham, is either a shot of the baked figures cooling or of them
wishing to escape!


Photo was taken at the end of Sunday's class
Naomi's figure didn't make it in to the line-up. Already packed and ready to go home! It was snowy!!!!!

The work of  Debra Nees

Debra did a great job of using a layer of additional clay, and then paint, to camoflage a few scorches in the clay.

Compare her character with the unpainted
one, above. Can you find it?

Being able to solve problems is one of the most important tools in any artist's bag of clay tricks.

The work of  Irene Hill

Irene has a few tricks of her own. Can you tell that she cut off the arms and changed them after discovering that she had put them on the wrong side? Wonderful job, Irene!

The work of Ken Reed

He opted to add bird feet. Yes, he did!
And very effectively.

He  finished in time to put it into a gallery exhibit a few weeks later.

The Work of
Mags Bonham and Oscelyn Anderson

These good friends took this class together and helped each other through the process. I think they had fun! At least we heard lots of laughter and collaboration.


Mags, whose character is an alter ego doll, made sure that it had painted nails. Oscelyn added sandals and a crocheted hat.

And here are photos of the steps for creating these figures, as documented by Mags.  

The work of Sue Geibel

This fun character went through a whole series of faces before he ended up with this spritely one.

The white dangling pieces are part of Sue's Balancing Toy, which she created in the Tuesday class at CFCF.

Pictured below are three of the characters
who came to class with me.