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Class # bk101615

The Creative Journy Game: Finding Your Heroine
with Barb Kobe

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October 16 - 18, 2015

9:30 - 4:30 each day with Friday and Saturday night studio time

Maureen Carlson's Center for Creative Arts
in Jordan, MN USA

Dorm: Info here and on registration form

Class Fee: $300.00

Experience Level: All levels

Format: 3-day class
Class Minimum:
Class Maximum:

The Creative
Journey Game:
Finding Your Heroine

Instructor: Barb Kobe

A Barb Kobe Game Board

Other Classes Taught by Barb Kobe

This doll is an example
of one type of mixed-media creation that you might make in Barb's May 15 - 17 Medicine Doll Class.

Because of the nature of found objects and your own personal input, each creation in this class will be unique.

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The Creative Journey Game© is an adventure in self discovery and creative problem solving.

 This process is a way of identifying your journey, of seeing the ongoing thread, theme or pattern to life’s trek. It permits you to see the linkage between events and people in a way that provides of meaning about self and others.

CLASS:  Creative Journey Game – Seeking Your Heroine

 This creative process contributes to personal well-being and a greater sense of direction and control in life.

As you design the game board and game pieces you clarify moments from the past and outline the future. When you tell a story of your game you link to the past and are able to see the patterns of your response to life’s challenges and opportunities. Sharing the story of it with others can help you understand the context of your life journey.” 

MORE ...

n April Barb will be presenting

Meaningful Stitiching Class
an adventure in self discovery and creative problem solving.

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A Barb Kobe Game Piece Barb Kobe Gameboard I

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class # bk101615

The Creative Journey Game: Seeking Your Heroine
with Maureen Carlson

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