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    Project ideas for your next clay class or party
  - for ages 6 to 106

IDEAS: Pictured below are some of the classes that we teach that are designed especially for kids ages 6 and up.  Visit us at 102 Water Street, Jordan, MN, to see more ideas.  We're usually open on Fridays as well as by appointment: 651-460-0725

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PRIVATE CLASSES:  If you have a group of 6 or more people, ages 6 to 106, who'd like to take a class, we can schedule a private class just for you. 

Fantasy Animals

Create imaginary animals that live nowhere else but in your imagination. Use color, shape, toothpicks, clay and laugher to create a whole world of animals.


Mini Playful People 

Create a tiny world of little action characters that come complete with attitude. Quick and easy ... create 3 to 5 in a 1 1/2 hour class.

Horrible, Terrible, Wonderful ...



Ever wanted your own magical, horrible, terrible, wonderful dragon? 

Is it pink or blue?  Does it have spots?  Does it like to eat spaghetti?  Hereís your chance to create that one-of-a-kind Dragon that is playing around in your imagination

The Itty, Bitty Books and the Thumbprint Kids

Make tiny books with polymer clay covers and whimsical cut-out designs.  Imprint your name on the cover for a personal touch.  Press thumbprints on the inside, then use a pencil and stickers to turn each into a mini work of art.  By you.  For you.  Make your mark on the world! (click photos for larger view.)

Bugs in the Garden:

Bella and Bennett Beetle 

Bugs, bugs, everywhere!  ĎTis the season for Bugs.  Does your beetle have three eyes or four?  Does he have seven legs or maybe just five?  Come and create your own beetle (donít forget to give it a name!) and give all those other bugs a new friend!  Please bring a 2-4 inch rock. (Click photo for larger view.)


Flower Power Trinket Box

 (Click photo for larger view.)


Shaggy Dog Pencil Holder

Need a place to put a pencil or two?  Always seem to misplace that favorite pen? 
Create a shaggy dog pencil holder and always know where your pencil is. 
(Click photo for larger view.)                 

Itís a Box.  Itís a Chair.  Itís a Chair Box! 

Tiny Teacup Fairies

These little fairies sit inside your teacup, wings and all.  Will your fairy be wishing you a good day or be a little silly and want to swim in your juice?  Come and bring your fairy to life and see what happens.  Please bring your own teacup. 


Curious Cat  

They say, ďCuriosity killed the Cat!Ē  Well, this little cat isnít THAT curious but he does want to make sure you know what is going on. (Click photo for larger view.)



Making a Flower Power Pen Set

It's fun.  It's useful.  It's easy to make!  Create a one-of-a-kind pen set to give as a gift or to use for yourself.  It's made from a real pen covered with polymer clay embellishments.


Weird and Wacky Cartoon Characters

If you've attended one of Maureen's Storyclay Tellings, then you've already met one of her weird and wacky cartoon characters.  Learn to make your own using polymer clay and your imagination.  There won't be another one like it in the world!



Flower Pot Menagerie:

Pot Perchers from the Zoo

Every plant grows better when it has a friend or two.  Use polymer clay to create several eccentric zoo animals to add to a favorite pot.  Keep for yourself or give as a gift. 

Four animals are pictured in the photo.  We should have time to create 2 animals in a 2-hour class.  You'll go home with ideas for making the other 2.