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   Inside the Dormitory at Maureen's

MAP: All rooms are on the 2nd floor, with the classroom, retail store and gallery on the first floor.  The second floor is reached via a staircase and is not handicapped accessible.


Bed 8 = $40

Bed 4 = $60.00

Bed 6 = $45.00

Bed 5 = $65.00

  Beds 2, 3 and 7 =  $50
   Bed 9 = $70.00



Minnesota State sales tax of 6.875% is added to all dorm fees at checkout.

Here's a peak inside ..    

Bed 7

Bed 9
            Bed 6

Some people ask why we call it a dorm, since it is so charming.  They say that the word dormitory just doesn't do it justice.  But, since you do have to share the heating and air conditioning units, we prefer to call it a dorm.

The space used to be two apartments, and before that it was a boarding house.  Since its history goes back more than 100 years, we're sure that the walls hold many, many stories.  Wish we could hear them all!



Many rooms are single occupancy.....and some have a great view of Sand Creek (beds 9 and 5). 

There are two kitchens upstairs so you never have to leave the building during classes unless you wish to do so.  You can eat in the kitchens or go outside on one of the decks, one of which overlooks the river. 

Pictured to the left is the east kitchen.


Maureen Carlson's Center for Creative Arts
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