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December 12, 2008

Maureen is the featured artist this month
Fireroast Mountain Cafe
38oo 37th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

Pieces  are for sale at the Cafe from  December 7, 2008 - January 3, 2009

The theme is Faces, with each artwork being a small sampling of the endless and fascinating variety of ways in which we face the world and our journey through it.


Pictured are a few of the pieces from the show.

To see more go to
Maureen's On-Line Gallery


October 6, 2008
Notes from Maureen:

We're almost at the end of our 2008 class season.  It's been a wonderful year, with students from across the USA and Canada coming to Jordan, MN to learn, to create and to breathe in the air of re-creation.

Still to come are classes with Tory Hughes, class08_vh1.htm on October 24 - 26, and Barb Kobe, class08_bk4.htm and class08_bk5.htm on Nov. 1 and 2. 

Both of these experienced teachers share not only their considerable technical knowledge but also their belief in the power of each individual's unique creative vision.  Their classes are dynamic! Treat yourself to one of these creative retreats.

As I approach winter and my season of introspection, planning, personal creative time and renewal, I feel lucky to have shared in the journey with so many wonderful people, each with her own story to tell.

Pictured here are students, including me, from Katherine Dewey's Ultimate Mouse class, which happened in May. 


It's fall, time for readying ourselves, and our buildings, for the shorter days and harsher winds of winter.  Looks like even the Friar Folk are finding time to do some repairs.  Pictured is Friar Folk 1340, titled "Hands to Work" .

He's one of the latest characters in my Friar Folk series that I create, then license to Abbey Press for reproduction.

It appears that he's listening to see if anyone's home behind the Faerie Door that's at the base of one of the Willows that grows on the bank of Sand Creek, just outside my classroom door.  We aren't sure who lives there, but we know it must be someone special.


Click on photos for larger view.

The Dollmaking Circle
A Creative Process for
 Personal Growth and Healing

       Instructor: Barb Kobe


Pictured below are a few photos from past postings .....  





Nov. 13, 2007 VIDEO CLIP

Click here to see a video clip of our our Nov. 10 - 11 Open House  Nov 2007 Open House










Dawn-Marie Quinche created this chair
 for the front porch at Maureen's.

DVD: Magical, Marvelous Masks

If you enjoyed the book, Fairies, Gnomes and Trolls, then we think you'll love this DVD.  It's a fun 88 minutes which includes visits with the characters from the book, a peak behind their masks to see who's hiding there, a short story about Elizabeth/Lize and her special mask, plus instruction on making an extra hat for Magical, Mischievous Marvin (page 103 in the book).  After all, real characters, even little clay ones, need to change their hats on occasion. Interactive play - even for adult sculptors - makes the art of creating clay characters just that much more fun!

Then we get into the making of masks.  You'll learn to make masks from both push molds and original one-of-a-kind sculptures.  This part of the DVD should be especially helpful to those of you who are learning to sculpt faces.  Follow me in close-up video to see the step by step process of making faces.
A bonus at the end of the instructional DVD is a copy of
"A Road Trip to Maureen's", an inside look into Maureen Carlson's Center for Creative Arts in Jordan, MN.

For more info, or to purchase DVD, go to Wee Folk Creations Website






Title: Letting Go

by Maureen Carlson

Mixed Media piece
in a private collection


My daughter shared with me the following paraphrased quote from Charles Darwin:

Survival of the species is determined not by strength and not by courage, but by the ability to adapt to change.

This is a good reminder for me, because I know that change is a constant as I journey through this life.  I believe it's OK to allow myself time for a little whining and moaning when faced with an unexpected challenge.  But then I pray for the courage to reach deep within - or without - to call on all of my resources in order to help me adapt to change.  This goes for changes in my business as well as in my personal life.



December 7, 2006  labyrinth

A Garden Labyrinth at Maureen's - and Music by Dan Carlson

Those of you who have visited Maureen Carlson's Center for Creative Arts know that our garden is an important part of the ambience.  In summer the flowers are glorious, and in the winter the starkness of the tree branches and the ice on the river lend it the romance of an antique black and white photo.  In 2007 Dan and I plan to add a meditation area to the garden with the addition of a labyrinth.  To find out more, click on the labyrinth link below.  You'll also find words and an audio link on that page to a new song that Dan has written and sung about the labyrinth experience.  Enjoy!


Following is a little poem that I wrote in 2006:

Whistling through the Cracks 

Submerged in a dark sanctuary.

A shaft of light finds a crack through which to whistle a tune.
And again. 

And when the melody rings as true to her as the air she breathes,
She rides it through the crack and into the world.


NEW BOOK: Fairies, Gnomes and Trolls

Release date: mid-November 2006

Published by North Light Books

I’m back!!!!!

If you’ve not been coming in to Maureen’s these last 6 months, then you probably didn’t know that I’ve been gone. But I have. I’ve been wandering, staff in hand, through the Land of the Faerie Folk, as I’ve spent the last 6 months writing a new book, Fairies, Gnomes and Trolls, for North Light Books. But, this week, IT’S DONE. IT’S DONE. IT’S DONE.

Now it’s off to the publisher. It will be back for final revisions, etc., but basically IT IS DONE. Plans are for it to be ready for November ’06 release. The book is a basic how-to book which combines 15 projects with short stories about each character. This book takes me back to my roots, which was the making of Wee Folk and the telling of their tales – which are really tales about human folk, but in disguise.



To give you a small

flavor of the book,

I share some photos:



Plus I offer up this poem about a Secret Door into the World of the Faerie Folk (the first project is a secret door). The poem didn’t make the final cut into the book, but it influenced the world that you’ll find between its covers

The story is often told of Secret Doors or portals through which one may enter the Land of the Faerie Folk. According to legend, in order to find a door and pass through it into the magical world beyond, one must do three things:

1. Be in the right place.

2. Be there at the right time.

3. Believe.

Since the Faeire Folk love songs and games, the clues for opening a door are often hidden in riddles such as this one.

The Secret Door

In between the now and then

Where sunsets begin and dawn does end

There is a time that's neither nor.

Enter that time and you'll find a door.

In between the here and there

Where forests mingle with garden air

There is a place that's neither nor.

Imagine that place and you'll find a door.

In between what's real and not

The wind sings a song that man forgot

About a world that's neither nor.

Believe in its truth and you'll open the door

“It just isn’t a journey worth taking if there aren’t any dragons.”

From Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach



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