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Responses from our customers about our push molds and other tools.

03/02/2020 from Lois, U.K.
I have just received my moulds, wow they are fantastic!
I wish I could carve faces like that, Iíve just ordered a truck load of clay and Iím going to lock myself in my craft room and indulge my self in my guilty pleasure. Thank you. I shall be ordering again.
12/28/2018 from Gail, Canada
e.g.; moldb and moldb2. Hello again .... I just received them now .. they are awesome! Thank You. And I will be ordering again.
10/08/2018 from Joan, LA
Found it!!! Donít use that entrance often...lol...awesome products...love the instructions/pictures for each...thanks so much
10/01/2018 from Roxanna, AL
I love all my molds!! I have had so much fun with them. Thank you so much, and keep producing. I want more!!
08/20/2018 from JoAnne, WA
Wow! Fantastic newsletter. SO glad I am a recipient. Love Maureen's work.
08/09/2018 from Vicki, NY
Love your molds!!!  Great release.  I work in soap.  This is my latest using 2 of your molds.  Thank you,
07/24/2018 from Robin, TX
Tell Maureen I'm having a blast with her face molds!  I purchased this lot of face molds to use when I make my spirit dolls.  They're perfect!  Thanks also for the instructions that offered hints on how to get the molds to release.  I've struggled and struggled with that.  Your hard resin molds were no problem, but I have a lot of silicone molds that were just impossible to get the clay out of without distorting the design.  With the water or talc powder trick, I'm a face making maniac!   Again, thanks for the great products!
06/23/2018 from Andrea, AZ
Hi, Dan. Got my molds...soooooooo cool!
Thanks very much. 
04/25/2018 from Kim, UK
Hi Dan. Quick update. I managed to track the parcel to a local sorting office and got the bus there to pick it up, I paid £16 tax, Just got home and looked at the moulds and they are absolutely amazing. Worth the bus journey and the extra costs on tax, I'm so so pleased with them. Thanks ever so much and please thank Maureen for me too. Thank you.
01/26/2018 from Linda, MI
Thank you.  Maureen has been an inspiration for many years.  Here is a few of my creations inspired by her.  Have made many but never sold a one.  Its just a hobby and give to family and friends (similar facial features in a funny way). Was able to get her book on Amazon.  One of the kids never returned the book! 
07/20/2018 from Michelle, AZ

I got my order much quicker than I expected and it was just what I needed. I love Maureen's flexible push molds and use them frequently in my clay creations. This one's great because you get 2 different sized hands in one mold.
01/16/2018 from Lola, New Zealand
Thank you very much Dan!
YouTube videos are awesome!
Thanks for information!
01/05/2018 from Jesica, FL
Hey I just wanted to say I got my mold and I love it thank you so much for the fast shipping and wonderful customer service I will be back ;)
09/21/2017 from Roberta, CA
Thanks Dan! Can't wait! You guys are fabulous! I don't do FB but will share with friends who enjoy 'clay play'
06/09/2017 from Beverly, MI
Received the molds today, they are awesome! What amazing work went into these! I will be leaving you a great review, they came so quickly it won't let me write one yet😉 thank you so much for sharing your talent!
Have a great evening
05/11/2017 from Roxanna, AL
Thank you for your communication. I know it must be obvious, with all my orders that I am having a ball with my molds, have watched the utube videos. I am having so much fun creating different characters . I reinvent my heads every time I make one. I will continue to order them as long as yall make them!!!! Thank you so much.
03/30/2017 from Netty, UK
I'm in the UK aged 53 and home due to a progressive neurological disease. This leaves me now in bed a lot with pain. I came across your on u tube and love all things clay, never sadly got to sculpt. However I watches you and you made me laugh and imagine all the little and not so little people and faces now beings brought to life because you showed a better fun easier method. Many doll makers are not so keen on sharing and look down on those using molds. Even using a mold takes skill and imaginative thought, .
Thanks for sharing.
03/30/2017 from Dolores, Mexico
Hi Maureen, I already get my order! All good thanks 😊 I don't speak English, but I saw your dvd and I think so well explained that I had no problem to understand you, you are a nice person 👍gracias.
01/06/2017 from Pat, FL
Thank so much.  I just watched the video that was attached which is my first introduction to using clay. I've dabbled in it a little before and love crafting and always want to try something different.  Santa's are my thing so I'm very excited to start this new adventure.  This video was SOOO helpful.  With an idea that I had, this helped me to take that next step.  I will definitely watch your other videos for more ideas, tips and education.  Thanks again!
12/12/2016 from Melanie, SC
I ordered three molds from your etsy shop a few days ago and they arrived today! I bought a face and set of hands and feet. I will be getting more items soon. Thank you for such prompt response. I have ideas for some characters that will not look anything like yours. I am a late learner with clay and sculpting and want to use your molds as part of my learning process. My models,if you please. I can't make it to a class so I will let them tutor me. They look friendly and helpful. I am excited and want to get started soon. I will have your friends introduce you to my family when they arrive. Thank you for such wonderful joy!
11/30/2016 from Wendy, New Zealand
Just letting you know that my parcel arrived this morning ...
Wow that was fast......Great Service.
Will have plenty of time to play over my Chrismas break..
10/24/2016 from Anne, UT
Just wanted to say thank you! I tried the molds and so excited to use them for my creations.. looking forward in see the video.
10/10/2016 from Bonnie, PA
Just wanted to let you know that I love your molds!  I love creating and dressing clay dolls, but just couldnít seem to get the faces,  hands and feet right on my own, but with your molds it is all so easy!  And one can ďplayĒ around with the clay after molding which is part of the fun.  Have been able to come up with some fun but nice looking faces, hands, and feet.  Thank you so much for sharing your talent with your molds.
07/16/2016 from Vita, MI
This is my second order from your company It will not be my last. I am very happy with your products.
07/06/2016 from Liat, UK
Your molds are the best!!!
Im so happy with my purchase! Just wanted to share with you how grateful i am for your products.
Thank you dearly.
04/22/2016 from Linda, UK
Just received the hand molds and have to say they are ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.Also received a face mold which is my next project. CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH. Will return for more molds very soon.
03/26/2016 from Hanni, OR
Hello Maureen, thank you so very much for the wonderful molds, they are just beautiful, received everything yesterday.
Have a Happy Easter.
03/22/2016 from Pam, NE
Thanks Dan---I received the shipment as soon as you sent it! As I've ordered from you before- everything is promptly Sent---Great quality products---I'm happy with again!!!! Thanks once again thanks for your time & patience.
02/24/2016 from Nancy, AZ
This mold is great. Maureen is a gifted sculptor. The molds are easy to use and to customize. I have purchased the hands and feet molds too and highly recommend them. The molds arrived quickly and dealing with this seller is very easy and pleasant.
12/02/2015 from Lailonnie, WA
Love love your molds and books You have taught me so much.
11/12/2015 from Jenny, England
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you as have been on holiday. Just a quick message to say how pleased I am with the molds, I will soon be having a go at the hands, makes it much easier. Thank you, best wishes Jenny
11/10/2015 from Bert, CA
Love your molds- having a blast
11/08/2015 from Frani, FL
Got my order yesterday, Nov 7. All perfect, thank you.
10/14/2015 from Susan, GA
Just picked 'em up at the PO. They are wonderfully detailed; I'm pleased. Can't wait to make hands and feet for my Day of the Dead dolls!
Thanks very much.

10/08/2015 from Larry, NE
I know the USPS is screwed up however my first order was placed on a Fri and I got it on a Mon.   My last order was placed on a Sat the 3rd and I haven't got it.
Wee Folk Response:  We know you are very anxious to try the molds.  We shipped your package on 10/07/2015, within our advertised turnaround of 1-3 days, excluding weekends.

10/07/2015 from David, UK
Hi thanks for the fast shipping of my moulds to the UK. They are fantastic I can't wait to start using them. I will order from you again many thanks and best wishes
09/28/2015 from Larry, NE
Just got my order and am absolutly THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   not only does it help you over the hard stuff but it leaves some room for creativity.   I will be ordering more but not today.    FYI received both orders today.     Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Larry
(later response...)  Love the products and the videos. Prticularly like how you are encouraged to improvise and be creative. I use them as a base for my marionettes, Thank you Maureen

09/23/2015 from Barb, Canada
Everything arrived in great order, thanks. 
03/09/2015 from Julie, WI
Thank you! The last mold I bought I love. Appreciate your products and quick response in receiving my orders.
01/08/2015 from Diann, Canada
Greetings from Nova Scotia, My book (How to make clay characters, item a8845) arrived and I am so excited. What a fabulous book of creativity. The instructions are so detailed and easy to follow. I can not wait to get started. It must be wonderful to have such talent and to be able to express it in such a fun way. I am sure it brings joy to all who see your work. My self I have the visions of an artist but have trouble bringing those visions to reality. Here's hoping this book will help. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.
12/12/2014 from Ron, OH
Since receiving your DVD just yesterday.....I have watched and rewatched and then watched again!
I cannot begin to express my appreciation, for the doors you have opened for me, by providing such an excellent and well presented step by step instruction. The part where you have all of the individual pieces of the face laid out and then build the mask without blending....that speaks volumes to someone like me with no sculpting experience whatsoever. I intend to make one just like it, to keep and be able to refer to. I am sure it will help me with my perception/retention. It will also serve as a pleasant reminder of the beginning of another journey in my life. I intend to purchase some more molds in the near future....Lord willing. God has truly blessed you, which I am sure you fully realize already...thank you so much for sharing your blessing with others like me....................Ron
08/07/2014 from Elaine, New York
Just wanted to let you know that I received my last order and was thrilled with it. The DVD is wonderful for me and the Book is very helpful. I was SO THRILLED to open the book and see the note and cute drawing from Maureen. I can't believe I have a signed book,
what a TREASURE that is to me. You are just the sweetest people.
The DVD is wonderful and I smile from the moment I start it to the end of it. I'm taking all my notes and getting all my supplies together. It won't be long before I can start my Santa. I have learned SO MUCH from you and I am enjoying every minute of it.
Thank you for everything, especially sharing your talent with others.
11/12/2014 from Glenda, GA
Hi Maureen, I've taken quite a few online videos and I want to compliment you on having some of the best videos out there.  Your experience as a teacher comes through as you make this look effortless and your style is fun, friendly and well paced. I feel like I'm sitting across the table from you!  I've only gotten through the intro and the armature, but I can't wait to see the rest. I know you're planning some changes over the next year or so with your shop,  but I hope you'll offer a lot more online videos and/or dvds for purchase. The quality of the videos are wonderful - if Dan is responsible for that, please tell him WELL DONE!  He could teach a class in that too! Anyway, thank you very much.  I am looking forward to watching the rest of the videos soon!  Have a great week! Glenda
11/12/2014 from Gloria, OK
The silicone molds are terrific.
08/07/2014 from Elaine, New York
Just wanted to let you know that I received my last order and was thrilled with it. The DVD is wonderful for me and the Book is very helpful. I was SO THRILLED to open the book and see the note and cute drawing from Maureen. I can't believe I have a signed book,
what a TREASURE that is to me. You are just the sweetest people.
The DVD is wonderful and I smile from the moment I start it to the end of it. I'm taking all my notes and getting all my supplies together. It won't be long before I can start my Santa. I have learned SO MUCH from you and I am enjoying every minute of it.
Thank you for everything, especially sharing your talent with others.
07/07/2014 from Rebecca, Arkansaw
I'm making lots and lots (and lots) of little faces to peek out from the rock walls in front of my gallery - -  Maureen's creations are astonishing, and I'll tell everyone who (I know) will rave about them, about her work & your site.
06/28/2014 from Debbie, Idaho
Thanks so much I can hardly wait to get them.  I already ordered #2 and #4 and made 25 elves for my grandkids for Christmas.  Thought you might like to see the pictures.
05/25/2014 from Linda, Michigan
Thank you....everything came quickly and in good order.  Love it!
05/12/2014 from Rebecca, UK
Wow, wow, wow, well super fast shipping, I received my parcel on Wednesday last week, I have been meaning to email you, but have been having too much fun playing, and experimenting!
Can't wait for my new art room, then I can let the patients have a play, ps I really really adore the hands. I will be buying again, especially love the rubber ones, best molds I have used ever, so my patients will find these easy to use, thank you so much for all your help, and speedy responses,
03/11/2014 from Elaine, CA
Thank you. I'm having so much fun with these faces! I love the expressions! 
02/26/2014 from Jeff, CA
Thank you for shipping so quickly. My wife is very excited. She found your site from the YouTube videos last night and I was not allowed to go to sleep without placing the order. Well, she will be busy for a while now.
02/14/2014 from Cara, Australia
Thanks for the great service and prompt reply. I only found out about Maureen through studio mojo- cynthia tineapple- on Sunday. Watched Maureen's video and loved her teaching style. What a fantastic idea of mix and match molds.... just fantastic. Am so excited to try them. If you ever do a santos style face... I'd buy it straight away! Thanks so much again.
12/13/2013 from Debbie, Idaho
Thanks so much I can hardly wait to get them.  I already ordered #2 and #4 and made 25 elves for my grandkids for Christmas.  Thought you might like to see the pictures.
11/16/2013 from Sophie, UK
Jusant wted to tell you the moulds arrived in the UK this morning. I am thrilled with them, just what I wanted. Thank you so much and I will be doing busness with you in the future, just wish I found you years ago!!
Kind Regards
7/19/12 Moldb2, Sonya from France
Dear Dan,
I have received the parcel yesterday, and I've tried the molds today. 
They're fantastic!!!
05/20/2009 from Tracy, U.K.
The Father Christmas mould is now my 7th wee folk mould, and it is wonderfull ,the array of faces obtainable with this one mould is astounding, what I love most with these moulds,is it alows me to dive stright in and start creating little people,along with the 4 puzzle face moulds I can build a whole new family of a thousand faces ! with polymer clay and now with cold porcelain. They are fantastic ,and I cant wait for new additions to my collection.
thank you Wee Folk for opening this door into an new exciting world for me. My new puzzle moulds arrived today, and they are superb,
I am itching to play with them, wonderful new idea so many permutations with the 4 moulds ,
The characters to be made are endless, what fun there is to be had.
Thank you for shipping to the U.K for me to get involved with this brilliant medium.
Tonight I will be starting my canal folk characters to go on my canal boat.
Look forward to dealing with you again.

04/06/2009 from Sharon Wildwind, Canada
The molds and CD arrived safely. I'm having tons of fun with this. 
Thanks so much.

04/01/2009 from Abby Moore, Virginia
YAY!! a new mold!! I own all the other molds you've ever made & this will be a beautiful new addition!! just got my Mold A, 4 feminine faces
the other day & I love it !

01/24/2009 from Peggy K. Ash, South Carolina 
Love your molds, hate making my own
11/24/2008 from Sharon, New Zealand
wonderful!! makes sculpting easy will diffidently be ordering a dvd after
Xmas..thank you both for another very easy technique for sculpting!