Lyrics of 50th

Hey Babe, How are ya Nell?
Time will tell.

How about a nice long walk
where we can talk.
Talk about the past 50 years
of your life?

Good and bad times
seem to run together.
Let's pick what we want
to remember.

Your rosebud lips is what I recall.
A smile on your face, always having a ball.
Making mud pies
was normal after all.

Sticking your wet feet in the kitchen sink.
Everyone does this, don't they?
You only get out what you put in. (get it?)
Isn't that what they say?

Always make plans every day.
Then give it all you got.
Trying to raise your kids the right way;
That just may be your lot.

That reminds me....
Remember the times
when you rode the horsey on my knee?

Yoga and meditation
and time to reflect.
You seem to get wiser the older you get.

As I look back
my eyes well up with tears.
I'm proud of what you have done
with your first 50 years.

What are you going to do with your next 50?

2021 Dan Carlson
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