Lyrics of An Amish Man

I wake up every morning to the only life I've known.
I was born into it, and this is how I've grown.
From a one room school house to a grown man,
without any modern luxuries to run my farm.
Thank God I'm an Amish Man.

Long before the dawn, I wake up in the morn.
I tend to barn yard chores and I feed my animals corn.
I pull my plow with horses. I milk my cows by hand.
It's labor intensive work on my small patch of land.
Thank God I'm an Amish Man.

Only on an Amish farm can you sense a certain charm,
where the whole community comes together, to help you build your barn.
I come in from the fields before noon and take a long cool drink from the well.
I'm always pretty dirty. Never mind the smell.
I do what I have to and I do what I can,
and oh, did I mention?
I'm an Amish Man.

Sometimes I hitch the horses to my buggy and off to town we go.
Clippity clop clippity clop as we travel the road real slow.
With my wife and children by my side I know this is God's plan.
I look up at the sky and say out loud, Thank God,
Thank God I'm an Amish Man.

Only on an Amish farm will you feel that certain charm,
where the whole community is there when you need help to build your barn.
Clippity clop back home that evening, we're tired, I can tell.
But we arrive back home happy, knowing all is well.
Thank God, It's an easy sell.

To night there'll be no T.V. cause we've no electricity.
We can't even light a Christmas tree. But that's o.k. with me.
You see, we don't need electric lights. We use candles on darkest nights,
just sitting around talking to another, and being a family.
Thank God that it feels so free.

The other night my wife looked at me, her eyes filled with desire.
Then she said come here big boy. Come here and light my fire.
Well I almost hit my head as I jumped up from the bed.
And with the full moon lighting my way, to the wood shed I ran.
I knew I was in for something good.
When I came back in with an armload of wood.
Thank God I'm an Amish Man. CLIP CLOP CLIP CLOP CLIP CLOP.

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