Lyrics of  As I Look Down

Floating up on high
A departed soul am I
Observing what's below
As I look down
Sad old men stumble around
As they lower a body
Into the cold cold ground

Though they mumble and whisper
I can hear them say
Goodbye old friend
Goodbye today
You will be missed
Oh yes you will

You were far from perfect
But loved so far and wide
When you passed
So many cried

You never hungered for money
You cared not about fame
But your life was rich
You were famous just the same

Yes we bury a good man
Who we still can't believe is gone
Bury his bones and raise a glass
To his soul, to his memory
That will forever live on

As I look down
I can so plainly see
That man in the ground
Used to be me

2021 Bruce Coghill for lyrics. Dan Carlson for song. All rights reserved.
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