Lyrics of A Country Fair, written by Bruce Coghill

Went out walking early this morning
Without a destination, without a care
When lo and behold I struck gold
I found a beautiful country fair

The cool of the morning
Was soon warmed by the sun
As people of all ages were gathering
Gathering to explore and just have fun

Could I be dreaming?
I think that maybe I am
I smell honey and cinnamon
I smell fresh strawberry jam
It has awakened my senses. Oh yeh. It has.

Here ye here ye cried the vendors
While their scented candles did burn
Fresh food and games to play
Come in come in said they
Come in and take your turn

Young maidens pass by in gentle laughter
Fresh picked flowers in their hair
With bright colors all around me
I hear music in the air

Could I be dreaming?
I think that maybe I am
The smells are so inviting.
They just can't be real.

Dreaming or not when tomorrow comes
I will be going back again
Oh yes, I'll be going back again.

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