Lyrics of Hope, Wishes, and Dreams

Our hopes and wishes are forever mystical
Like magic so they would seem
But we can always fulfill our hopes and wishes
Every time we dream (dream dream)

As the evening gives way to darkness
And the moon is on the rise
Our hopes and wishes become our dreams
Soon after we close our eyes

Taking us to far away places
To worlds we have never been
And in our dreams we can always return
We can always go back again

As we journey through the hills and valleys
Our dreams show us what we want to see
Like a magic carpet ride
The air fare is always free

(Dreamy Music)

I wish for the hope
That my soul no longer screams
To find hope for the wish to have
only beautiful dreams

I feel so blessed with the ones I have
Before the morning sun
I don't want to keep them to myself
They must be shared with everyone

And when the sun has risen
When the long night is through
I wake up with hope and wishes
That all your dreams are beautiful
And that they all will come true

2020 Dan Carlson and Bruce Coghill
Feel free to copy and distribute the song and lyrics above.
But mass marketing or selling for profit is strictly prohibited without expressed written