Lyrics of I've found a way

People talk behind my back
But I don't really care
I don't give a dam what they say
Let them gossip let them stare

I live the way I want
I live the way I like
If they don't approve how I live
Then they all can all go for a hike

I'm just an ordinary man
Trying to do things right
I work the farm by day
The local mill at night

Got to pay the bills
Got to keep that money rolling in
Cause if I don't well don't you know
Things tend to get a little thin

Chopping wood on weekends
I see the pile getting higher
So we can all stay warm when it's cold
While sitting by the fire

I always pay my taxes
They are never overdue
And I volunteer a lot
At the local food shelf too

Now...I never said I was perfect
Or that I never did anything wrong
I'm an ordinary soul doing my best
Just trying to get along

This life I chose for myself
It fits me like a glove
Because doing what I want in life
Is doing what I love

Now people will always talk behind my back
But I don't really care
Let them have their fun I say
Let them gossip let them stare
And if they want to talk forever
Well that would be just fine
Because they will never ever
Get inside my mind

Because doing what is right in this life
Is what I'll always choose
And I think I've found a way
T think that, I know I can't lose
I'm really sure I've found a way
A way to cure those nasty blues (Yes I have)

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