Lyrics of Letting Go

Have you ever kept a piece of furniture
because you felt it was a part of you?
Emotionally representing good fortune
And being blessed too.

20 years later during house remodeling,
was it time for the couch to go?
We recognized the comfortable energy
But now new impulses. Oh no!

Do we just perch and safely watch.
watch the energy pass us by.
Or be a part of the action
and even help create it? Oh my!

We knew it was finally time to let go.
Let go and open up.
A ritualistic good-bye felt important.
One couldn't just make this up.

Like a transition to a new way of life,
this time internal in many ways.
We get to remake ourselves as we remodel
and choose what to toss and what stays.

We get to decide. Is this me?
Or is this us?
Do we have a relationship with the world out there?
Or is it all superfluous.

By passing on some of the tangible parts of our lives,
we allow for the best.
And recognizing that this letting go
we, once again, are blessed.

Recognizing that with this letting go
we allow for the best.
And once again, once again
we are blessed. We are blessed.

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