Lyrics of Moments of Midsummer Magic

I'm known to ponder, “What is that vacation feeling?”
What is the work-a-day spell that we’re under?
Is it numbing relaxation that’s really so appealing?
Or is it the spirit of letting go, and playing with wonder?

When I stop to pause and discover
Awaken to the magic of mid-summer

Bursting with joy, we giggle and sing
Our drive-in movie in the van, parked by the stream
With wild nature and each other, we have everything
An unbelievable fun vacation dream

We marveled at our adventurous simplicity
Piles of pillows, all the comforts, and the sparkles in our eyes
Bonding with the bull frog. Authenticity
The bright blue-sky fades to dusk then fades to fireflies

We paused and made the moment, naming our joys of the day
Said out loud what made us smile and what we loved
That in the naming is the power to remember what we say
Creating stories of gratitude that we’re made of

Happiness so deep it can be transcendent
When we allow the happiness to flow
Letting go of what we think we are dependent
Opening to simple moments in which we grow

When in the moment we find wonder,
The wonder leads to joy
The Joy can create our lives
as if on vacation

Can we let go and play
Find practices to employ
For if not enlightenment
At least divine elation

When we stop to pause and discover
We can go with the flow gleefully
Awaken to the magic of mid-summer
And find it here conveniently
All right here. Right here.

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